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A Park Crew’s Feature Handbook


This handbook/blog is a mix of what we’ve learned with our friends from various park crews, aimed at other park crews without much experience. Plenty of managers are stuck with a small quiver of rusty junk and don’t have the time, help, or money to build anything new, much less buy an entire feature. This is an opinion article, it’s not the law and you shouldn’t trust it 100%. Use a real professional. We sell gloves.

If you have input, leave a comment or email [email protected]. We’re trying to help park crews make better rails so people have more fun.

18-foot Spine, Powder Ridge MN. Rider: @_jackfritz_ Photo: @612fly
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Private Jam at Mount Ski Gull

Mt Ski Gull. (It’s by Brainerd)

Like most of us, you probably never heard of it – but this place is amazing. It’s a nonprofit ski hill with a long, wide, medium-grade park, a crazy fast rope tow, lots of trees to cut the wind, and a constant whisp of woodsmoke. It absolutely made our day.

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