The 19/20 warranty is only valid between, and for products purchased between 9/1/19 and 4/1/20.

Maybe your mitts burned through or your dog chewed them up, or somebody colored on them with a marker – we don’t care what happened, we’re just going to make it better. Here’s the simple process to get a new pair pro-formed at 50% off:

  1. Submit the form below.
  2. Mail in your old mitts with info in our response to #1.
  3. Get a discount code via email.
  4. Buy new mitts at 50% off.
  5. Hide in your mailbox.

Two things.

First, if your mitts failed in a single weekend – most of our customers ride hard 4-5 days a week and go all season on a single pair. Think about how you’re riding.

Second, we no longer give away mitts. It costs a ton of money, and we need to pay our employees to do the things we need. The best we can do to keep this company going is sell them at cost.

If you’re mad about it, just know that colab is run by a group of guys trying to make a living making products we think are good, and influence the industry in a fun way – not trying to screw you. If you’re happy about us, huge thanks, let’s shred!