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Detroit Mountain Colab Cookout

Feb 2nd, 2019. (Yes, it was a satuday.) Detroit Mountain was a unique animal. Two new rails planted and free hotdogs on a super cozy park setup.

The DM Cookout poster was probably the coolest one of 18/19.

Detroit Mountain’s park is long, and sort of shaped like a quarterpipe. Pretty steep at the start, and loooong and flat at the end. It’s got gobs of potential, but a smaller amount of local shredders, so we launched a campaign to get more people up there.

The Poster® was launched three weeks in advance, a good amount of time to get people excited but not drawn out enough to bore them. The goal was to get a bunch of new people to discover DM, and get as much media content as we could for the riders and for the resort.

Usually, we like to send out a big crew of Colab family & friends to prep the park hosting the cookout. In this case, Detroit Mountain (Detroit Lakes, MN) was a 4 or 5 hour drive for most of the available crew, so we were pressed for flexibility.

We spent the day before building a new DFD with an extra-long flat, with 1.5″ tubing at 15┬░ angles, giving a very urban feel to a rail that was still very trickable. Dimensions for this rail were 12’d – 10’f – 12’d, buried to knee-high (except the flat-to-down kink, which ended up being pretty scary for younger riders). That rail, plus our traveling rainbow tube, sent it to DM on Friday afternoon looking for a promised open spot.

On a terraced park layout, it’s crazy simple to add in a variety of features into any spot – exactly what was waiting for us, and we had a lot of room to build up a kicker for the rainbow so it followed your trajectory. ( <- that’s a fun article, with DM’s main jump line as the feature photo! )

Nate Bujarski. DFD at Detroit Mountain terrain park - Colab Cookout February 2019.
@N8er on the new DFD at Detroit Mountain. Photo by Steph Keenan.

Let’s get to some pics! If you like this DFD, don’t you worry. It’s still there. The rainbow travels with us, and we’re stoked to bring it to your hill next.