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colab brand - our logo is a chair

Originally, colab was just a purpose driven component of thetrainpark, like the back right wheel of an old volvo stationwagon as it rattled most of the way to the hill. Why did it consume us?

It fits the direction we’re pushing for, it’s shorter (saves on ink), and most importantly we aren’t on the phone saying “t-h-e-t-r-a-i-n-p-a-r-k. THE train park.” Overall, we wanted to change it and we’re the boss.

Lots of people will tell you to do things one way or the other, just pick whatever you think is more fun and do that. Colab Brand sounds wild to me, and do I look like a guy that needs public opinion?

Skiing makes me happy.

I’m a full-time self-employed engineer without spare time and I want to ski more. So the ownership behind colab is getting more diverse with guys that can take the wheel on things like managing park sets, building rails, shooting videos, and making our parks a better place.

We’re super excited for the update, glad it’s happening the way it is, and you will be too.

The park scene around here is going to steadily become a lot more fun, with more freedom, because of the family.

After all, its about shredding with the people you love. And I hope that never changes.