2019 Hotlap

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This is our signature warm-weather ropetow mitt with the best fit you’ve ever felt. It’s longer, comfortabler, and sheds heat faster than you can say “wow the laps sure are hot today!”

If your hands sweat when you’re shredding, this mitt was made for you.

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The Hotlap. The original warm-weather ropetow mitten for spring slush and sweaty riders.

  • Rubber grip on the proven synthetic palm patch
  • Tough leather finger wear strip
  • Super breathable Lycra/neoprene back
  • Chairlift bands


The hotlap was conceived by family members Ginger Drew and Nick Schoess, because the coldlap was too sweaty for days above 20°F. A bunch of the Colab family already had amazing spring mitts by other brands, but they weren’t tough enough for a ropetow.

We launched the first Hotlap in the 17/18 season with a short cuff and very thin liner, and nicknamed it “the shoulder dislocator” because it gripped…… TOO good. But funny enough, grabbing on and gripping immediately was a huge problem, and it blew the seams apart in the mitts.

The following season (18/19), we added the same proven finger patch as the coldlap, so the glove would (a) slide a bit to reduce the jerk, (b) be wear-resistant to said sliding, and (c) not tear along the seams.

We got a ton of feedback on the Hotlap, and I’m hyped about the cult following it’s got. Do you love it?

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2 reviews for 2019 Hotlap

  1. Barbara Diebold (verified owner)

    Outstanding customer service! I bought these for my grandson for Christmas and had to exchange them for a different size. Extremely fast delivery with both the original order and the replacement. They’re beautiful mittens, and I’m sure he’ll love them and use them for a long time. I can’t recommend this company highly enough.

  2. Jack Hendrickson

    work good with the tow rope at powder ridge and they fit snug up to your hand so the glove never rips.

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