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This is the world’s greatest ropetow mitt with our best rubber grip ever. We made it tough enough to last all season, stay warm and dry, and FIT LIKE A GLOVE.

Ropetow gloves should fit snug!!


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The Coldlap. The original cold-weather ropetow glove designed using suffering Minnesota kids.

  • Thick rubber grip on the proven synthetic palm patch
  • Tough leather finger wear strip
  • Pigskin front
  • Breathable synthetic back
  • Chairlift bands
  • Insulation that will make you wish they sold cold packs


Born out of frustration at ropetows eating 6 pairs of mitts per season, the journey to the perfect durable vs comfortable combination brings us to today.

The design originated on a sewing machine at my mother-in-law’s kitchen table in 2015. We bought leather from SR Harris in the cities, traced out mitts that we liked, and tweaked the style until we had a mitt that was pretty decent. That got sent to a factory in China, where they recreated it, and we went through 8 versions before the first mitt was finally produced for the 16/17 season.

The Ropelife was our first shot at the problem, made of cow leather with a synthetic palm. The short story is that cowskin is not very durable – pair that with not enough rubber printing on the palm to grip. They got ate up no matter how you rode them, and we took it to a designer friend from a major sports company.

The Coldlap came the next year (17/18 season), and the basic pattern hasn’t changed much since. The major changes were a long cuff and a tough wear strip on the fingers. They were our biggest seller by far, keeping the USPS pickup guy in shape.

18/19 was about the same but with an attempt at a more durable palm. It ended up losing rubber too quickly and we weren’t too hyped about it. BACK TO THE FAKES. The palm, I mean. It sticks, it grips. Our designer had been pushing for a synthetic back as well and we went for it. Through testing, the 19/20 Coldlaps stayed drier overall, dry out faster when needed, and have the same patch style we loved in the 17/18 season.

With help from all your feedback, we knew what we wanted this year. And dang we like these mitts.

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4 reviews for 2019 Coldlap

  1. Gorg

    Great warmth… love the chairlift strap and is a very comfy glove. They look amazing off the shelf. After one day in the park all the synthetic was egtting torn up and the sticky palm was tareing up. Questionable if theyll last the season.

    • ayitskarl

      Glad you like the design this year! Make sure you’re moving with the rope as you grab on- that’ll max out the life of any mitt.

  2. Max

    Very good lasted more than a season with only a little bit of tear

    • ayitskarl

      You’re unreal Max, glad they’re working out for you!

  3. Jacob

    I’ve been using these gloves for about a week now and they are very warm, but they look shredded. I just don’t think they are able to survive the rope at my hill.

    • ayitskarl

      Appreciate the comment Jacob! Every hill has a different rope, but the best attack is the same: make sure you’re moving with the rope when you grab on. We’ll see what magic we can work into our next design in the meantime to make em tougher faster stronger.

  4. Louise

    This company do NOT lie when they say ‘this is the world’s greatest ropetow mitt!’. We live in Minnesota and my kid is at Wild Mountain shredding it up at least 4-5 times a week. Other brands we tried did not last a week, I mean these kids go up and down that rope tow at least 100 times+ each day. My son used to complain his hands were freezing, his gloves got holes in them after one week of wearing them. I was broke paying out for new gloves all the time.
    Then our lives changed when we found The Coldlap brand. I mean, WOW! My son loves them, they last the whole season and keep his hands warm the whole day, (my wallet is also doing much better!)
    I can not say enough good things about this Brand! Keep up the good work Coldlap and Thank you!

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