Buyer’s Assumption of Risk and Liability

Products by Colab Brand LLC (“we”, “our”) are designed to the best of our ability regarding fashion, construction, and intent of use. Using our products will not reduce the risk of injury, damage or death to the buyer, user, or surrounding parties and property. Colab Brand is not liable for injuries, damages or death occurring because of or related to our products.

Regarding Features and Tools

Our features and tools are engineered and fabricated by Colab Brand to industry standards or specific resort liability requirements, as noted by the buyer. The purchaser/recipient assumes all responsibility and liability for its condition, construction, inspection and implementation on receipt of the feature. Injury is possible and likely in action sports, and Colab Brand is not liable for any injury, death, or damage resulting from or connected to our features or tools.

If you have questions about liability or product quality, email [email protected]